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Vodka Drinks Luge Sculptures

Having a party or celebration and looking for something to really make the night memorable ?
A vodka luge, "breaks the ice" and helps every party turn into a really fun night.

What is a luge ?

Well a luge is a cryal clear ice sculpture with one or more channels cut into the surface of the ice or drilled right through the centre of the ice.
The drinks shot is then poured in the top of the channel and rushes down through the ice, chilling as it goes, to the partygoer.

Although originally created for use with vodka, luges nowadays are used with almost any spirit drink, schnapps, whiskey, champagne even beer are often poured down a luge.

The original luge was  "The Olympic Ski Jump" and is still the most popular today.
Luge designs have become increasingly wild with crazy art designs being created and then turned into a luge.

Please click on any thumbnail below for more detail.....

For halloween parties we can make a craggy witches head, or for a heaven and hell party, try a devils head.
Would you dare to take a drink from the devil?

Christmas parties simply rock, as your friends enjoy our range of seasonal specials.
Father Christmas - Reindeer - Stars - Snowflakes - Snowman are all festive fun luges that will be remembered well into the New Year.

Extend your imagination and challenge us to create a unique luge for you ?
Let us know us your ideas and we'll turn them into reality.

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