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Stunning Ice Sculptures..

Wedding Ice Sculpture

For centuries, man has used ice to our advantage. Images of igloo's, icicles, ice-blocks preserving food, ice-cubes, ice-cream, frost, snowflakes and Ice-skating may come to mind.
The best centre piece for any occasion, especially weddings, and a must have for the coolest of venues,  ice sculptures can be seen at a wide range of events, media & corporate functions, trendy nightclubs, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, themed or xmas parties kraken.

Now a days images of ice are more cosmopolitan and the current trend is to add ice sculptures to your special event.  So what is an ice sculpture and why would you need one?
Whether you are getting married and want something to add to the romantic setting, holding a corporate or hospitality event and need a novel way to advertise your company logo, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, want scary Halloween spectaculars or you are a sporting fanatic and want to pose with a sculpted FA Cup, trophies with Premiership emblems or a simple rugby ball luge, we can provide it.
So why not have a look at some our wedding ice sculpture gallery


Design your own Sculpture..

Corporate Party ice sculpture

Look through our online gallery and choose one of our exciting designs, or why not design one yourself?
With your imagination and our skilled ice artists, together we can create a unique atmosphere for your event.
Love films? Let us provide one of your favourite characters or references from the movies. How about a Darth Vader sculpture, James BondÂ’s gun or Cinderella's slipper for the kids?

Are you a karaoke queen or music buff? Try our ice microphone, choose a singing star sculpture like Elvis or a carved instrument to enhance your musical theme.

Once just a slab of ice, by the time your hand carved sculpture reaches you, you will be amazed to see the transformation.  Stealing the decorative limelight and enhancing your reputation as the host bittrex.

We have carved excellent sculptures for many Premiership football clubs, Rugby Clubs, VIP clubs as well as local community clubs.

Vodka Luges ice sculptures

Vodka Luges Ice sculptures

Originally, the luge was a sporting event where a person laid face down on a sled and raced down a mountain through tunnelled out ice and snow using paddles on the sled for steering.  Even today,luge is still a sport, and features at the Winter Olympics. Now you can order your own Olympic Ski jump luge.  We can also design almost any ice sculpture and turn it into a luge for you.

ice sculptures

Let us know what you would like.

We put the same principles into practice by carving a tunnel through the ice sculpture making the vodka luge come to life, you just replace the rider with alcohol.

Pouring alcohol through the luge, originally vodka was used but any spirit will work, chills your chosen spirit as it runs through the ice cold sculpture, into the mouth of the waiting partygoer.
For the more adventurous parties go for the popular male and female torso luges - sure to be an ice-breaker at any adult party.

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