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Do you make your sculptures in moulds
No, everything we create is made by hand by our artists.

How long does it take to make my sculpture ?
Generally the carving takes about 2 -3 hours, however it takes 3 days to freeze a block of ice prior to carving

How much notice do you need when placing an order ?
Generally, we like 7 - 10 days notice,  but rushed orders can sometimes be accomodated. The shortest notice we have had and successfully delivered within was 3 hours, but this is uncommon !!!

Can you make something if I give you a picture or sketch ?
Yes, give us a call and send us your idea and we'll help turn it into ice for you.

Can you freeze things inside the ice?
Yes, we've frozen all kinds of products into ice, diamond rings, ski jackets, football boots, sweets, computer parts, perfume bottles and many more. 

Can you re-create our logo in ice ?
Yes, colourful logos look great in ice, just email it over to us and we'll create a design for you.

How long will my sculpture last?
Generally it will depend on the size of your sculpture and the temperature of the room or outside.  But, as a general guide, your sculpture will look good for 5 -6 hours, after this time, all of the detail will have disappeared and you will just be left with the basic shape.

How heavy will my sculpture or luge be?
An average sculpture is appoximately 1 metre x 0.5 metre in size and will weigh between 120 and 135kg. 

Can you light up my sculpture ?
Yes, we use battery operated LED lights, these are safe with water and require no electrical supply near your sculpture.

Do you provide a table for it to stand on ?
Unfortunately not, we ask that either you or your venue provide us with a sturdy 4 legged table. 

How do you deliver my sculpture ?
Your sculpture is made at our factory and kept in a freezer until the day of your event. it is wrapped in bubblewrap for protection and then transported in a freezer van to yor venue.

When do you deliver my sculpture ?
Normally, we deliver and set up your sculpture 60 - 90 minutes before your guests arrive.  However, if your venue are happy to set it up for you, we can deliver it a day or two prior to your event and leave it with them in their freezer.

Where do you deliver ?
We deliver all over the UK, we do ship abroad too, but this is often a costly thing to do.

What happens to the water as the ice melts?
All of our sculptures come with a drain tray. The tray collects the water foran hour or so, then from the back of the tray is a pipe that we drop down under the table.  This is then placed into a bucket to take the excess water.

Do you collect the sculpture at the end of the night ?
No, at the end of your event it, the sculpture will have melted significantly and all that needs to be done is for the remains to be carried outside and left to melt.

Do you collect the drain tray ?
No, the drain tray is a disposable item.

Will my guests be amazed ?
Most definately, YES

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