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Corporate event ice sculptures

What better way to impress clients with your new logo or branding than to use ice.

We can re-create in ice any company logo using a variety of techniques, all designed to maximise the impact for your client.

Colourful logos look amazing when re-created and frozen in ice.
The colour shining through crystal clear ice, lit for added impact, simply has to be seen to be believed.

More contemporary logos with crisp clean lines, are beautiful when hand carved by our head carver Nopporn.His accuracy is amazing and has to be seen to be believed.

If your launching a new product, we have a range of exciting ways in which we can add the wow into your launch.
Depending upon the product, we can freeze it inside the ice and carve your logo around it, create a crystal clear replica of the product and even make it interactive so clients can touch your new product.

Have you considered running a competition for a product launch ?
Let us freeze your product in ice, contestants the have to guess how long it will take for it to melt enough for it to fall out.

Give us a call with your brief and we will turn it into reality.

If you take a nice picture of a sculpture, please send it to us, we may well put it in this gallery with your permission.

Corporate Ice Gallery - click any pic to enlarge 
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